EP 05: Building Communities Around Filipino Food With Joanne Boston

This month, we’re talking with Joanne Boston, a founding member of the Filipino Food Movement. Their vision for the success of Filipino food in the American mainstream has and always will be supported and inspired by community - the main theme we’re talking about on today’s show. Another big thing we’re talking about today is place - San Francisco, California in particular - and the people who live there. We talk about why building community is really about creating experiences that bring people together - and then keeping that momentum going forward, and sustaining it so that people gain a sense of ownership and pride in the places they live in.

This is essential listening for anyone interested in learning about how Filipino food culture has and continues to develop.

Show notes

03:55 Project Adobo
04:30 Starting a food blog
10:15 Growing up in San Francisco
15:20 Early days of local food communities
17:45 Looping in chefs
19:55 How the Filipino Food Movement started
21:45 Collaboration over competition
26:40 "We are here!"
29:35 The Filipino food community
30:35 FFM's mission
33:20 Filipino food outside the Philippines will always be different
35:45 3 truths to live by - be inclusive, diverse and personal
39:25 Pride in culture


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