On Travel With Purpose To Manila, A Farm And Ancestral Lands

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This episode, we’re going off the usual path – actually, quite a ways off from my studio in Toronto, back to where it all begins: the Philippines.

We can’t really Explore Filipino Kitchens, without going to the motherland, right?

So today, no interviews – just some raw thoughts from my trip, instead – and you’ll hear horns rise above the traffic of Manila, tricycles speeding by, the calm of the countryside and the best joke about a caterpillar.

Let’s go!  Continue reading

On Pinoy Heritage With Francis Ang

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We’re talking with Francis Ang, the man behind a pop-up dinner series called Pinoy Heritage. Francis has worked in some of San Francisco’s best restaurants, including the acclaimed Gary Danko and Fifth Floor. He’s been named a west coast “People’s Best Pastry Chef” by Food and Wine Magazine and nominated for Zagat’s “30 Under 30” list in San Francisco. Continue reading

Cooking Filipino Food At Home With Betty Ann Quirino

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We’re talking with Betty Ann Quirino – an author, recipe developer and prolific blogger at AsianInAmericaMag.com whose thoughts and experiences on cooking has personally helped me develop confidence in my own cooking abilities – to become part of what keeps global Filipino food culture alive. Continue reading

Building Communities Around Filipino Food With Joanne Boston

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This month, we’re talking with Joanne Boston, a founding member of the Filipino Food Movement. Their vision for the success of Filipino food in the American mainstream has and always will be supported and inspired by community – the main theme we’re talking about on today’s show. Continue reading