Cooking Filipino Food At Home With Betty Ann Quirino

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We’re talking with Betty Ann Quirino – an author, recipe developer and prolific blogger at whose thoughts and experiences on cooking has personally helped me develop confidence in my own cooking abilities – to become part of what keeps global Filipino food culture alive.

This episode we talk about adapting Filipino recipes for modern kitchens, how our personal histories and experiences shape our relationship with food, and why you just need to pick up some groceries, get in the kitchen and start cooking. Can’t promise we won’t make you hungry!

Show notes

04:25 “People paid attention to my stories?”
06:10 From writing ad copy to blogging & authoring
07:30 Moving to the US
09:35 Starting the blog
12:20 On food, family and cooking
13:35 Growing up on a farm in the Philippines
19:50 The story of mangoes in a jar
23:50 “Who cares?”
24:50 A lesson learned
28:20 Finding ingredients is a challenge
28:45 3 components to successful recipes
29:30 Substituting traditional Philippine ingredients
32:30 Remember the origins of a dish
34:45 A visit to the Ilocos region
46:25 Food traditions are priceless
48:50 Advice for home cooks

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2 thoughts on “Cooking Filipino Food At Home With Betty Ann Quirino

  1. Hi Natasha and friends at Exploring Filipino Kitchens! Thanks so much for this amazing podcast interview. I enjoyed chatting with you about the stuff that is closest to my heart – our Filipino cuisine, culture and stories about us. Keep inspiring with your podcasts. Mabuhay!

    • Hello Betty Ann,

      Thank you so much for being a guest on the show – I totally enjoyed our chat as well! There are so many stories about our food and culture to share and I’m so grateful for everyone who celebrates that. Time to get cooking! 🙂

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