EP 20: No Forks Given With Yana Gilbuena

This episode we're going behind the scenes on a book called "No Forks Given" by Yana Gilbuena. It's a collection of recipes from her 50 U.S. state SALO Series pop-up dinner tour from 2014 to 2015.

Every week, Yana would hold a kamayan (hands-only) feast of Filipino food; she’d find someplace to stay, someplace to shop, someplace to host her dinner and actually get people to attend - a massive undertaking - often within the week, with so much on the fly. I learned a lot of things from this book - so let's get to it!

Show notes

01:25 Lessons I learned from the book

06:35 Summers in Iloilo

08:30 Growing up with lola

10:05 A book of our time

12:50 Cooking to heal and reclaim

15:00 The Stone Barns Fellowship

18:45 "We're an agricultural country"

20:50 Why storytelling takes drive and courage

23:45 How we shape our food culture

27:15 Immigration and the loss of knowledge

29:30 Creatures of convenience

32:35 "Food has always been part of our identity"

33:45 Barkada's first question

34:55 Pride in hospitality

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