EP 22: The Coconut Kitchen With Regina Newport

This episode we chat with Regina Tolentino Newport, author of the book "Coconut Kitchen: Appetizers and Main Dishes" and founder of the Culinary Historians of the Philippines. We'll hear about Regee's favourite coconut recipes, what going to culinary school taught her, things we realize we take for granted, and what inspired her to delve into the world of Philippine coconuts. Plus, a sampling of regional coconut specialties across the Philippines. Time to get cooking!

Show notes

01:40 Why I loved the book

05:00 About Regee

07:50 Going to culinary school at 55

09:45 On becoming an author

15:20 How Culinary Historians of the Philippines (CHOP) began

19:30 A solutions-based approach to storytelling

26:00 Foods we take for granted

28:35 "The coconut figures a lot in our cuisine"

29:30 Regee's turning point

31:15 Finding Dr. Dayrit

32:05 A visit to the coconut house

33:15 First setback

35:00 Finding our path

36:30 Building something you love

38:00 "Cooking is so fulfilling"

39:20 Recipes from contributors

40:10 The magic of burnt coconut cream

41:50 Coconuts in regional cuisines

44:20 3 essential lessons

45:55 Regee's pinakbet

47:05 Chicken coconut soup & roasted shrimp with coconut sauce

47:50 Shrimp summer rolls and coconut meatballs

49:00 Ubod-stuffed squid (with heart of palm and coconut)

51:15 "For me, dishes evolve"

52:50 Simplicity in Filipino snacking

54:30 Coconut cooking tips

56:45 Takeways from Coconut Kitchen

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