Exploring Filipino Kitchens is a podcast about Filipino food culture, traditions and history. Every month, host Nastasha Alli chats with food lovers across the world to ask: what does your Filipino kitchen look like?

It’s driven by a personal journey of meeting passionate, talented cooks and food lovers who understand that to know where you’re going, you gotta look back to your roots - and truly value everything that brings you to where you are today.

On the show, I interview people who are chefs, home cooks, authors, academics, farmers, agriculturists, and people who work on improving our food systems. We talk about how Filipino food culture adapts and spreads across the world, along with the millions of Filipinos who take a very important part of themselves - their culinary heritage - to the places they settle in. Often I chat with people in creative industries, who understand the complexity and challenges of telling stories from our diaspora. Also, I talk to my friends a lot - people who I’ve come to know as crazy interesting folks, making huge strides for Filipino communities across the world.

By day I work in the travel industry, and all other times I basically dream about what to eat, where the foods I love come from, what it takes to grow and get them to your plate, and how everyday life can really be filled with simple, incredibly tasty things to devour.

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Settle in and pull up a chair. Kain na! (Let’s eat!)