Exploring Filipino Kitchens is a podcast about Philippine foodways.

We tell stories about what Filipino food looks like today by understanding the history and traditions that have shaped our food culture.

It’s written, produced and hosted by Nastasha Alli and features interviews with people across the globe who care deeply about food in and from the Philippines. Tune in for a new episode at the end of every month!

On the show, we talk about things like:

  • Our personal food stories and what makes them special
  • How we shape our food traditions
  • The history of our cuisine
  • How identity and pride relate to our food
  • Ingredients that are indigenous to the Philippines
  • How Filipinos around the world adapt recipes for their kitchens
  • Flavours and techniques unique to our cooking
  • Regional Filipino food
  • Farming and agriculture in the Philippines

You can listen to past episodes here and join our conversations on Filipino food through Facebook and Instagram.


  • Is the show in English?
    • Yes it is! And you don’t have to be Filipino to listen – all you need is a desire to learn about how our culture, traditions and history relate to food. I’ll provide context for helping you understand why a particular food topic matters.
  • Who’s invited on the show?
    • Glad you asked! You’ll hear interviews with chefs, home cooks, cookbook authors, entrepreneurs, agriculturists, culinary historians and farmers, to name a few. Some will have celebrity chef status or come from an academic field, alongside incredibly accomplished writers and respected names in the industry. Some are millennials who hustle hard to bring Filipino food to their local communities. They all have a unique perspective to share on what Filipino food culture looks like today!
  • Are your guests from the Philippines or North America?
    • Guests on show are located all over the world. My goal is to present as many voices as possible and this includes storytellers from the Philippines, the US, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and most countries you can think of because Filipinos likely live there.
  • Can I be on the show/suggest future topics?
    • If you’ve got a story about Filipino food to share, that represents your community and culinary traditions – please get in touch. And yes, I would love suggestions for episodes you’d like to hear!

Look forward to having you explore Filipino kitchens with us!