About Exploring Filipino Kitchens

What's “Exploring Filipino Kitchens” about, you may ask? Well, to be honest, it’s about me telling my story - and the stories of many amazing people from the Philippines who have contributed to what is arguably one of the most fascinating things to watch - and that is the story of how food brings people together.

At the heart of it, this podcast is about learning about yourself through Filipino food - regardless of where you come from. If you’ve ever felt that warm fuzzy feeling of a making a really good friend, having your soul and belly satisfied to the brim, like your knife skills are on point if you’re in the kitchen and just having lots of good times around Filipino food, you’ll know what I mean. Now, if we think about food as the window to the soul of a culture - by hearing these stories, you’re gonna learn so much more about Filipinos and what makes them some of the best people to have around. It’s as simple as sharing a meal.

Each episode, we’re gonna chat with someone whose expertise and work with Filipino food puts them at the top of the list - including authors, chefs, young entrepreneurs, established restauranteurs, home cooks and food producers across the globe. We’ll hear about ingredients and cooking techniques that are unique to the Philippines - and where to go to taste them.

Tara na - Let’s go! - and explore Filipino kitchens together.

Nastasha AlliComment