Marc and Mariel Buenaventura of iSLAS Filipino BBQ & Bar, Diona Joyce of Kanto by Tita Flips, Dolly Flores of Carinderia by D’Flores, Gelaine Santiago of Cambio & Co and Jennilee Austria of Filipino Talks were some of my guests for The New Filipino Kitchen book launch in Toronto.

Yana Gilbuena runs the acclaimed SALO Series pop-up dinners, and is the author of “No Forks Given”.

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Marvin Gapultos is the author of “Pulutan: Filipino Bar Bites, Appetizers and Street Eats” and “The Adobo Road Cookbook”.

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Jenn de la Vega is a New York-based cookbook author, editor, food stylist and caterer.

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Charlene Tan is co-founder of the Manila-based Good Food Community CSA program.

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Alexandra Cuerdo is a California-raised, New York-based filmmaker who graduated from the UCLA Film School and has worked for places like Buzzfeed.

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Marie Cavosora is the founder of a social enterprise called CalaBoo Creamery. As a balikbayan to the Philippines, she brings over 20 years of advertising experience (with clients such as Kraft Foods) to her work with Filipino dairy farmers.

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Clang Garcia is a tour operator and one of the country’s leading advocates for culinary tourism. She published “Food Holidays Philippines” in 2016.

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Cherrie Atilano founded AGREA in 2014 and has since garnered numerous awards for her contributions to helping create sustainable livelihoods for small-scale farmers in the Philippines.

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René Alexander Orquiza is an Assistant Professor in the history department of Providence College in Rhode Island. His areas of expertise include American social and cultural history, the Philippine-American relationship, immigration history, and ethnic studies.

Louella Alix has written several books about the history and cultural heritage of her hometown, Cebu. Her passion for good food and regional cooking is infectious!

Bryan Koh has authored books on the cuisines of several Southeast Asian nations, including the Philippines, Burma and Malaysia. He also runs a bakery called Chalk Farm in Singapore, where he is based.

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Dr. Ame Garong works as an archeologist with the National Museum of the Philippines. She is also a lecturer at the University of the Philippines.

In 2013 she published a book called “Ancient Filipino Diet”, the first study of Filipino food in pre-history – before colonizers or any foreign influence arrived in the Philippines.

Chef Francis Ang has worked in some of San Francisco’s best restaurants (such as Gary Danko and Dirty Habit) and been named a west coast “People’s Best Pastry Chef” by Food and Wine Magazine.

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Betty Ann Quirino is a cookbook author, food writer and recipe developer. She regularly contributes to PostivelyFilipino.com. Her cookbooks “My Mother’s Philippine Recipes” and “Philippine Desserts and Snacks” are available on Amazon.

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Joanne Boston is based in San Francisco, California. She does many things alongside running JBKollaborations, where she helps bring Filipino food and the stories of people who make it to various events and organizations across the US.

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Felice Sta. Maria is a renowned author and culinary historian based in Manila. She has researched and written numerous books on food history and traditions of the Philippines, and has long served as an advisor to the country’s top cultural institutions.

Amy Besa is a writer, researcher and food activist. She and husband Chef Romy Dorotan co-authored the book “Memories of Philippine Kitchens” in 2006. In New York they opened their first restaurant, Cendrillon, in 1995, followed by Purple Yam in 2007. In 2014, they brought a second location Purple Yam to Amy’s childhood home in Manila.

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