EP 15: Growing The Carabao Dairy Industry With Marie Cavosora

Have you ever had carabao milk butter? If not - you SHOULD have carabao milk butter. It’s the best thing you could ever put on freshly baked pandesal. I swear you’ll wonder why no one talks about this more!

This episode, we’re talking with Marie Cavosora, who founded a company called CalaBoo and leads a team of dairy entrepreneurs in the Philippines.

With milk from naturally grass-fed carabaos - the Philippine water buffalo - they make butter, cheese and yogurt. Their products have the shortest ingredient list among any other dairy product commercially sold in the Philippines.

There’s so much more to the story of carabaos - and their dairy - than meets the eye.

Show notes

05:10 About Marie
07:40 What's in carabao milk?
10:10 How Calaboo started
12:25 "It was a hard sell"
13:25 Carabao dairy as a premium product
14:10 What the industry looks like
17:05 Partnering with the Philippine Carabao Centre
18:20 Marie's journey
20:15 "Everything is about relationships"
22:25 Starting with kesong puti
27:55 Partnering with chefs
29:00 Out comes THE BUTTER
30:30 How Filipino products are viewed
34:10 Bringing farmers in
36:30 Working on products at the farm
37:45 On ownership and dignity
39:10 Living with SEED students
40:20 The most expensive thing they bought
42:10 "It grounds you"
43:45 Finding purpose

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