EP 09: On Travel With Purpose To Manila, A Farm And Ancestral Lands

This episode, we're going off the usual path - actually, quite a ways off from my studio in Toronto, back to where it all begins: the Philippines. We can't really "Explore Filipino Kitchens" without going back to the motherland, right? So today, no interviews - just some raw thoughts from my trip, instead - and you'll hear horns rise above the traffic of Manila, tricycles speeding by, the calm of the countryside and the best joke about a caterpillar. Let's go! 

Show notes

02:05 A walk through the old walled city
05:15 Why "the middles" matter
11:45 At the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm
12:35 Growing SEED (The School for Experiential and Entrepreneurial Development)
15:30 Why I love the countryside
18:30 "What song does a centipede hate?"
20:05 Walang iwanan, or no one is left behind
21:50 The stories that get to the heart of me
29:00 A journey to ancestral lands
34:25 Planting black-eyed peas in a nursery in a valley
36:55 The Yangil Tribe
37:50 The importance of a light switch
38:55 On tourism that gives back

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